Statbel Junior 2.0 has arrived

9 January

Statbel Junior 2.0 has arrived

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, is launching its renewed website Statbel Junior. The educational website introduces children and young people to the wonderful world of statistics. There are also more opportunities for teachers.

The first Statbel Junior launched in 2018. We did not know beforehand whether the education world was waiting for such a website. We only knew that we were very keen to rid public statistics of its negative image.

Wendy Schelfaut, spokesperson for Statbel

The renewed website is therefore the result of five years of working with the first version and a lot of learning by doing.

In recent years, many of our statisticians have visited schools, both primary and secondary. There we see the concrete needs to explain statistics in even more practical terms to children and young people. Many teachers have also given us spontaneous feedback in recent years. We have incorporated this feedback in the updated website.

Wendy Schelfaut, spokesperson for Statbel

The website was completely redesigned: a new look & feel, a new topic (agriculture), new exercises and visualisations, a quiz and the possibility to collect avatars. All statistics and figures shown can be viewed down to the municipality level. There is also a new feature for teachers: they can register their class on Statbel Junior, giving students the chance to collect avatars in their profile. But they can also enter certain data, such as the height of each student, to create exercises tailored to the class.

Statbel Junior can be found at The website is available in Dutch, French, German and English.


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