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Statbel Junior takes you through the wonderful world of statistics. Find out more about your own municipality in topics such as population, traffic accidents and agriculture and how those statistics are calculated.

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Throughout this website, you can collect Statistimals. They are fun data figures you can earn by reading themes or taking a quiz. If your teacher provided you with a login, we will also save these Statistimals in your personal profile.
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With these five topics, Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, shows you a large amount of public statistics. These are figures that Statbel produces and publishes, which are accessible to everyone. And for you, we have made them just a little bit more accessible on this website.


Population evolution

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Average? Median? What is that?

Throughout the website, we use words that may not immediately sound familiar to you. After all, what was the difference between average and median again? And what do we mean by mode? You'll find out that and much more in the toolbox.
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Statbel Junior is updated very regularly: we share new results and other special news here.
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