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Statbel Junior is a tool designed by Statbel, the Belgian statistical office. By displaying all figures at municipality level, we make public statistics more accessible to children and young people. As a teacher, you can also create tailor-made exercises for your class.

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You will find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Statbel Junior. Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

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For who & how to use?

Who is this tool made for?

This tool has been designed for children between 10 and 14 years old. Children in the 5th and 6th year of primary school and 1st and 2nd year of secondary school should be able to work with the tool without any problem, both in terms of content and how the site works.
Of course, as a teacher, you can also guide your students in using this tool. You can use parts of it in your lessons, specifically to cover certain topics, or to look at the situation in your municipality in figures.

How to use the tool?

The tool is designed to be used in a class. The goal is not to let children work on it on their own, without an adult around who can give explanations if necessary.
However, it can be used for children to learn the subjects by themselves, as far as they have the opportunity to ask for additional explanations. The texts have been drafted in such a way that the basic concepts are explained and placed in context. Some concepts are also explained in more detail in the toolbox.
The website fulfils the minimum accessibility requirements and can also be accessed via mobile devices.

How was this tool created?

Gathering information & gauging interest

As Belgian statistical office, Statbel collects, produces and disseminates a great deal of information on Belgian society, often down to the level of the municipality. At the same time, our mission is to make these figures easier to understand, also among children and young people. Statbel Junior was developed based on the feedback we received from teachers and students.

Collecting & grouping figures

Not all figures are equally clear for children. Therefore, five broad topics cover as wide a range as possible of subjects closely linked to the living environment of children and young people.

Which topics are covered?

There is no specific order in which the topics and subjects should be considered.


Population evolution

2 Statistimals




Trafic accidents

2 Statistimals


How are the topics structured?

Customise your experience

At the beginning of each topic, there is the possibility to customise your experience. Some data are requested: the municipality and the age. Based on these data, the charts in the section are generated.

Concepts and subjects

Throughout the topics, we introduce your students to various ways of representing data, and to different statistical concepts. If a particular basic concept is covered, the student can click and open the toolbox to learn more about that concept.

Test your knowledge

At the bottom of each topic page, there are buttons to go to the quiz of that topic. To take these quizzes, you must have a student account on Statbel Junior. Only teachers can create accounts for students.

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